Rugg History

The New Rugg Manufacturing!

Rugg began manufacturing wooden hay rakes in Montague, Massachusetts in 1842.  With the new ownership managing the growing business, the Company continues to emphasize innovative and functional products for the home, yard and garden.  The Yankee ingenuity, craftsmanship and dedication put into Rugg products since 1842 are the foundation of a long and successful history.  They serve well in responding to the challenges of the 21st century.

Rugg Manufacturing Company’s products now exceed 100 snow tools and lawn & garden tools, which are distributed internationally.  These include Rugg’s popular BACK-SAVER® bent-handled snow shovels and lawn rakes, conceived by William Rugg to “put the bend in the handle and not in your back.”

With a product base ranging from the original wood hay rake through state-of-the-art ergonomically designed BACK-SAVER® tools, Rugg will continue to provide an expanding consumer base with new and more useful tools.  Rugg’s history of product innovation, employee and family involvement and long-standing links to the local community are great strengths.  The company intends to capitalize on these as it expands current product lines, opens new markets and explores new opportunities.

1842  Manufacturing begins on Rugg’s first product, a wooden hay rake.
1879  One of the first snow shovels – made entirely of wood.
1920  Developed & patented steel tube bow supports for wooden rake.
1935  Designed & patented locking system for attaching teeth to rake head.
1947  First snow shovels with lightweight aluminum blades.
1960  One of the first to import Bamboo lawn rakes.
1966  Designed & patented STRATE-EDGE Bamboo rake.
1967  Conceived bent-handled BACK-SAVER® snow shovel.
1977  Developed first Teflon®-coated aluminum blade snow shovel.
1984  First bent-handled BACK-SAVER® lawn rake.
1986  Introduced BACK-SAVER® WIDE-SWEEP™ lawn rake.
1990  Buddy B™ real tools for children.
1996  Improved BACK-SAVER® WIDE-SWEEP™ and straight handle WIDE-SWEEP™ rakes.
1997  Introduced new BACK-SAVER® LITE-WATE™ snow shovels with aluminum handles and foam grips.
1998  Introduced the patented Shock-Saver™ shock absorbing snow shovel.
2000  Introduced the strongest combo blade in the business.
2003  Introduced the Avalanche 2000 line, the “quality price point” shovels.
2004  Introduced the Avalanche Pro line, “the “New Generation of Upscale Snow Tools.”
2005  Introduced the Back-Saver® XL line, Avalanche Pro XL line, and the Buddy B™ Children’s Snow Shovel – a real snow shovel for kids.
2006  Introduced the Pathmaster line.
2013  Rugg acquired by the Molder and Business Partner and moved all the manufacturing to Leominster, MA